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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Church Youth Volunteer Program (CYVP) in the Church of South India

Discernment and Radical Engagement (DARE) evolves into a new form at the Church of South India, Youth Department with its new venture to DREAM - Discerning Radical Engagements Amidst Missional Congregations.

This DARE to DREAM attempts to challenge the youth through the Church Youth Volunteer Program (CYVP). It enables the youth to leave their comfort zones and go out to the grass-root communities in engaging themselves with the life and witness of the church at large. This radical engagement with the grass-root communities dares the youth to dream in becoming a missional youth by living, learning and locating themselves in a new place as Disciples of Christ.

DARE to DREAM attempts the youth to look at the realities of life especially of the vulnerable communities and to be challenged to become more committed in building missional congregations. It grooms their personality, shapes their perspective and also can make them more committed towards the discipleship of Christ.


  •  To facilitate the spirit of volunteering and learning among the CSI youth.
  •  To give them a wide exposure of the society, the church and its ministry.
  •  To help them gain an intercultural experience and instill in them a spirit of mutual learning and commitment. 


  • Each volunteer who clears the criteria to be a volunteer will be placed in one of the projects of the Church of South India according to their interest for example children’s home, special education institution, hospitals, and various other projects.
  • There will be 2 cycles of three months each either from March to May OR September to November.
  • The volunteer will be sent to another diocese speaking a different language to enrich their intercultural experience and learning.
  •  The volunteer will be expected to stay at the specific project and involve herself/himself in the work assigned by the local supervisor, and also report to the respective Bishop and the CSI youth department about the developments.
  • After the completion of 3 months the volunteer will come back for the concluding review of their work and will be offered a certificate endorsed by the Synod Officers in appreciation of their services.
  • The volunteer will have to stay and eat the food offered at the place of service as a part of their commitment and radical engagement towards the grass-root communities.
  • Age group of these volunteers will be from 18 to 35 years

Church Youth Volunteer Program (CYVP)
Sl No Particulars No of people No of days Amount Total
1Poster and certificatesRs. 15,000.00
2Orientation Program102Rs. 30,000.00
3Resource person5Rs. 25,000.00
43 months stiffund103 monthsRs. 1,500.00Rs. 45,000.00
Concluding Seminar102Rs. 35,000.00
5Travel (to Project place and return from Project to Synod )10Rs. 3,000.00Rs. 30,000.00
6Travel (from Hometown to Synod and Synod to Hometown )10Rs. 3,000.00Rs. 30,000.00
7Unseen Expense (Medical/Emergency/Other)Rs. 40,000.00
Total for 1 TermRs. 2,50,000.00
Total for 2 TermsRs. 5,00,000.00