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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Curtain Falls on the CSI Synod Art Camp Communication

The Church of South India (CSI) Synod Art Camp, which witnessed around seventy artists from the five states of South India and more than ninety paintings they have done during the camp, came to a close on 18th July 2019 at the CSI Synod Center in Chennai. Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda, the General Secretary of the Church of South India Synod gave the concluding speech and distributed the participation certificates for the artists.

Earlier, Dr. Gladson Jathanna; a lecturer of the Gurukula Lutheran Seminary in Chennai, Dr. Sajin P. J.; an English Professor, Art Critic, Writer, Wild life photographer and documentary director, and Rev. Paul Karunakar Nalla; a theologian and artists presented papers from different perspectives on art.

The paintings created during the art camp will be exhibited in various venues in due course of time.

Rev. Sunil Raj Philip
CSI Synod.


CSI Synod Art Camp and Seminar on Art_Day 2 Communication

On the second day of the CSI Synod Art Camp, which has been held at the CSI Synod Centre in Chennai attended by 70 Artists and Sculptors from five states of South India, Prof. Shobana P. Mathews (Professor, Christ College, Bangalore) spoke to the participants on the interpolation as well as the reciprocate relation of Art and Literature. The participants enthusiastically continued their work after attending the session led by Prof. Shobana.


“Ignorance of the Law is not an Excuse for Any Kind of Violations”: One- Day Mission Camp in Mettupalayam Mission & Evangelism

Chennai: The Department Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod along with Board of Mission and Eangelism, Coimbatore Diocese has organized one-day mission camp on 15th July 2019 at Mettupalayam CSI Church. The camp was based on the theme “Enhancing Capacities of Congregation to become Missional Congregation”. The Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder, Bishop in Coimbatore Diocese has inaugurated the camp.

“Our missional engagements should lead to the realization of the kingdom of God”, said Rt. Rev. Timothy Ravinder during the inaugural speech. Bishop further added that the church is called out to be an exponent of the kingdom of God. Therefore, we should serve the world as ‘light and salt’, he added.

“Life Style Modification is Essential for the Healthy Life”, said Ms. Nancy Walter, CMC Vellore during the session based on “Basic Community Health Awareness and Pre-Hospital Care”. Mr. Dinesh (C.M.C Vellore) also joined with Nancy to lead the session. They have highlighted the contributions rendered by the Christian Missionaries for the educational as well as health sectors. Moreover, they have explained about the importance of the medical assistance, awareness about the various diseases, need of education for the prevention of the health issues, First-Aid, CPR, and the healthy routines that have to keep in every day life. Constant health education and creating awareness are inevitable to organize a healthy community, they added.

“Ignorance of the Law is not an Excuse for Ani kind of Violations”, said Adv. Prabhu, Coimbatore during the session based on “Basic Human Rights and Religious Freedom”. He furthermore added that everyone is supposed to know about the basic laws and regulations and all are responsible to abide with it. It is our ethical duty to resist all kind of injustices by upholding basic human rights provided by the Indian Constitution.  Law is common for everyone. Law can protect the rights of each citizen of India without any discrimination, he added.

“We must be the Watchmen for the Living Community”, said Rev. Paul Davison during his session based on “Basic Human Rights”. He furthermore added that Church has the prophetic role to act and raise voice for the peace and justice in the society. Faith without action is meaningless. Therefore, church has to be awakened to safeguard law and regulations in the given context. All are equal before the law. According to the Indian Constitution Article 25, all have freedom to believe any religion in India. Nay, all can follow any religious customs according to their beliefs. The Indian Constitution provides freedom to profess, practice and propagate one’s own religion, he added. There are fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution such as freedom to speech, expression, and move and live in India. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to uphold those constitutional rights and make our India as harmonious, peaceful and just country, he added.

“Make discipleship of Jesus Christ must be the focus of present mission”, said Rev. Christopher Vijayan, General Secretary, NMSI. He further added that Church of South India is a missional community. All members are the agents of God and responsible to transform the world to realize peace, justice and reconciliation. Therefore, everybody should participate in the mission of God and influence the world through the life-witnessing engagements. Our transparency and credibility of life will bring remarkable changes in our living context. Therefore, making discipleship is more important than anything. It is value-based and qualitative, he added.

“Our Missional engagements must be relevant to the present living scenarios”, said Bishop Timothy Ravinder during the valedictory message. He further added that through missional activities, we should empower people to tackle the life negating issues and encourage them to engage in the life affirming activities. Moreover, proclaiming the good news of the gospel must be every day activity through our life. We should be role model and example to others. Everyone should practice the life of constant prayer, mediation and humbleness as well as humility, Bishop added.

Rev. David Suresh (Mission Director for Coimbatore Diocese) has organized the camp in creative way along with other mission board members, promotional workers, and the missionaries. Rev. N. Charlse Samraj (Diocesan Secretary), Mr. D. Selvakumar (Diocesan Treasurer), Rev. Livingstone (Diocesan Executive Member), Rev. Ramesh, Mr. Bartholomew Siegen Paul (Eco-Director), and Rev. Christopher (Mettupalayam) and other Pastors, Catechists, Missionaries, Evangelists, Lay Preachers, and other members of the congregations have attended the camp. There were two hundred delegates for the mission camp-2019.

Synod Mission and Evangelism Department is grateful to the Coimbatore Diocese, especially, Bishop Timothy Ravinder, all the Diocesan Officers, Rev. David Suresh (DBME), and Rev. Christopher (Mettupalayam) and the Church committee of Mettupalayam Church for the hospitality and all local arrangements for the camp.

The Mission Camp was the venue for learning and listening together. It was the stage for fellowship and mutual empowerment. This camp really challenged and motivated all the delegates to participate in the mission of God more passionately and ardently.

Reported by
Rev.Maxcin John
Director, Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod.






Socio-political consciousness for youth to become human rights defenders CSI SEVA

Sequel to the workshop on “Socio-Political Consciousness for Youth in Nation Building” (held in May 2nd to 4th), CSI SEVA conducted a follow up meeting on 9th July 2019 at CSI Center, to discuss and analyse the real-time stories/ incidents on human rights violation that happened in the recent past, in the vicinity of respective dioceses.  Rev.Solomon Paul, Director-In-Charge of CSI SEVA welcomed the youth participants from 8 dioceses of Tamil Nadu region with a message that

The day started with a Bible Study by Rev.Jacob Livingston, (Director – Socio-Economic Concern, CSI Coimbatore diocese) from Isaiah: 1-17 declaring the total depravity of human nature. While human rights violation remains unrepented, nothing is done toward healing these wounds, and preventing fatal effects. Jerusalem was exposed and unprotected, like the huts or sheds built up to guard ripening fruits. These are still to be seen in the present context, in our own country, we are faced with religious fundamentalism, linguistic chauvinism, caste exploitation, political vengeance and ideological conflicts in different parts. Churches, especially the youth congregations need to engage in such alternative spaces where they can ecumenically work together and bringing about changes in their communities.

This Bible Study laid the foundation for the day’s focus, “to build on our strength in responding to such violence in an appropriate modality”.  Based on the learning from the previous workshop on ‘fact-finding’ of human rights violation, participants presented their cases on the incidents of Human Rights Violation held recently in their locality. 

Mr.Ganesan, State Coordinator, People’s Watch (human rights movement) facilitated review, analysis and categorization of the violences reported and also sensitized the participants with corresponding legal provisions / safeguard for the human rights violations categorized into different types, Children's Rights, Communal and Ethnic Violence, Caste-based Discrimination, Violence Against Women etc.

Later in the post-lunch session, the participants were sensitized on the process of building a case on human rights violations, the various steps involved, right from entering a police station and dealing with various formalities connected to fact-finding and incident reporting, including interviewing the victims, evidences, officials and the perpetrators.  Justice and empowerment perspective incorporated by Rev.Livingston, citing Jesus Christ as the young ‘human rights defender’ in His times, thus envisioned the role of the youth in responding to such violations.  Isaac Jebaseelan of CSI SEVA facilitated action planning and the way forward (recommendations to the churches) will be documented and disseminated as part of deigning the response strategy.

Team- JEDP