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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Green School Programme Programme, Vellore Diocese Ecological Concerns

The CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns organized the training for the teachers on Green School Programme  at Vellore Diocese on 12th  September 2018 at St.Johns Church Hall, Vellore Fort.     The programme began with the meditation of Rev. Jared Arul Jebareuben.  Dr. Mathew Koshy Punnackad ,Hon.Director of Ecological Concerns and Prof.Dr.Philip Robinson took classes.  They explained the significance of GSP and motivated teachers to join the GSP audit. Prof. Dr. Philip Robinson explained the GSP project in Tamil language. Rev. Samraj Kumar, Rev. Christopher David, Rev. Jared Arul Jebareuben, Rev. Ravichandran, Dr. Nirmal Margaret , Rev. Abraham Asaithambi (Chairman, Southern Area), Rev. C. Manimaran( Chairperson, Diocesan Eco Department), Rev. Stanley Christopher, and Rev. Paul Robert Kennedy (Director, Department of Ecological concerns, VDC) rendered active leadership to make the programme a grand success. One hundred teachers participated in the training  programme  and agreed to join the GSP Audit.  

Participants appreciated the training in GSP and they expressed it during the evaluation. Some of their comments are given below: “It was a wonderful programme for me. Children are the nation builders. Through GSP my students who belong to the remote villages will get an awareness to save trees and protect the land. Surely I will avoid throw away plastic materials. It was the best programme  I have ever attended. Praise to God.” Mrs. J Mary Vinothini (M.D Crane Middle School, Tindivanam).  “Today's program was very useful. I learned something different about the environment. Hereafter I will change my school and its surroundings into a green land” Ms. J Beulah Matry Shyla ( M.D Ele. School, Valayathur). “The two classes held today were very interesting. We learned more about the nature. Hereafter I'll try to make my school as a green school and ask the students to protect the nature” Mr. D Joseph Christopher (M.D Primary School, Peraperi). “I really enjoyed and learned so many things from this program. Now I'm aware of global warming, natural resources and the necessity to protect the nature. For the next generation we have to safeguard and protect nature. Thanks to CSI Synod for giving us a good awareness about our environment”    Ms. P Shanthi (CSI Girls Higher Sec. School, Tirupattur)   “I will make the children to do all you have told about and make my school into a green school with the help of students. I will ask my students to avoid  taking  junk food. With the help of students we will clean our classes, houses and wherever we are going. Ask them to educate people” Ms. S Devasanthini (Honnegar Ashram G.H.S, Sarpenmedu). “Praise the Lord. Today's training was  good. Already we have registered in GSP audit but in today's meeting I have understood what is my role and how I can do it for the students and for tomorrow's generation. Thank you for arranging such a wonderful meeting.” Ms. S Mary (CSI Public School, Pulikuttai).  “ After this training I found that there are so many tasks I've to implement in my school. I have to do something for this nature. I have to change myself first and I want to be be a role model for my students. Hereafter I'll never disturb any living things” Mrs. M Aparna Josephene (M D Primaryt School, Velam). “I have learnt many good things from Director sir's speech. It is very interesting and studied many things about the eco system. Surely I'll share it with my students and family members” Ms. S Hannah Roseline (M D middle School, Melpadi). “This program was  wonderful  and challenging. We have been encouraged  and motivated by the speeches using power point presentations. I will make my school a green school” (Mrs. S Rebecca Shanthy ,Walter Scudder Nursery & Primary School, Tindivanam)  . “The program was very useful for us. We will observe the guidelines and make our students &schools, green” (Ms. V Jayalakshmi ,M D School, Kunnathur)


Prof.Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackad

Hon.Director, CSI Synod Department of Ecological Concerns


Peter Cater Scripture Knowledge Examination 2018: Rank Holders Christian Education

Church Of South India

Peter Cater Scripture Knowledge Examination 2018

Rank Holders



S.No.    Name                               Diocese                Reg.No.

1.      G. Nihitta Hanna                    Kanyakumari          EL002

 2.      J. Ashlin Divinesha                Kanyakumari         EL004

 3.      S. Shebin Britto                     Kanyakumari          EL005

4.      S. Dalton Griffin                     Kanyakumari          EL006

5.      Asha M                                    Thoothukudi          VL009

6.      Gilta Monica D                       Thoothukudi           VL019

7.      Karumari Shanmuga Priya    Thoothukudi            VL028

8.      Mari Raju M                            Thoothukudi          VL032

9.      Manikya Baila                         KND                      HL001

10.    Kristina Keluru                      KND                        HL003

11.    Prema Akki                            KND                       HL005

12.    Sharoon Gopalrajartnam        KND                      HL009

13.    Sathish Kumar                       KSD                       IL001

14.    Joy Persis                               Dornakal               CL002

15.    Ashiest                                    Dornakal               CL005

16.    Routh Madhuri                       Dornakal                CL012

17.    Keerthana                               Dornakal               CL016

18.    Marline                                    Karimnagar           FL001

19.    Deekshitha                             Karimnagar            FL002

20.    Sunitha                                   Karimnagar            FL005

21.    Newton                                   Karimnagar            FL006

22.    Mammani                                Karimnagar           FL014

23.    Jerusha                                   Rayalaseema        RL001

24.    C.D.Gracy Tirzah                    Rayalaseema        RL002

25.    B.Daniel Benhin Stephen       Rayalaseema        RL003

26.    K. Sumith Charles                  Rayalaseema        RL004

27.    E. Sharon                                Rayalaseema       RL006

28.    Levin Vinod                            Cochin                   AL004

29.    Hridya Vinod                          Cochin                    AL005

30.    Sneha J                                   Cochin                  AL006

31.    Anglin Mabel Arun                  Cochin                  AL008

32.    Saniya K.Saji                          Madhya Kerala      LL021

33.    Nilavumol                               Madhya Kerala       LL025

34.    Shan Sam David                     Madhya Kerala      LL029

35.    Nissy Hanna Vijay                  Madhya Kerala       LL031

36.    Daphne Prescilla P                CSI Ewart Mat.HS ML001

37.    Sharon Arpitha Kumar           CSI Ewart Mat.HS ML008

38.    Benita C                                 CSI Ewart Mat.H ML015

39.    Shani Rachel Jane                 CSI Ewart Mat.HS ML032


S.No.    Name                                 Diocese               Reg.No.

1.      S. Sherrie  Shabin                  Kanyakumari         EH002

2.      D. Cerin Peral                        Kanyakumari         EH005

3.      P Adlin Stefy                          Kanyakumari        EH008

4.      J. Anushia                              Kanyakumari         EH010

5.      Carolin Belcia R                     Thoothukudi         VH006

6.      Roselin Ida P                          Thoothukudi         VH010

7.      Surya C S                                Thoothukudi        VH017

8.      Nithya A                                  Thoothukudi         VH022

9.       Hanna Sisanalli                      KND                     HH001

10.    Josna Goni                              KND                     HH003

11.    Esther Okku                            KND                      HH005

12.    Nisha Gandhada                      KND                    HH008

13.    Sarala Serena S.                    KSD                      IH001

14.    Paul                                         Dornakal              CH001

15.    Th.Renny                                Dornakal               CH002

16.    B.Suma                                   Dornakal              CH007

17.    Bobbili Sowjanya                    Dornakal              CH013

18.    Bilga Babu                              Cochin                 AH003

19.    Linet P. Vinod                        Cochin                   AH004

20.    Liz Nixon                                Cochin                  AH005

21.    Leema Lee Paul                      Cochin                 AH006

22.    Joshili Tennyson                      Cochin                AH007

23.    Alsa George                             Madhya Kerala    LH016

24.    Jinu Mathew John                    Madhya Kerala    LH022

25.    Sneha Mariam Samuel            Madhya Kerala    LH030

26.    Silla Ansa Shiju                        Madhya Kerala   LH033

27.    Soumya Elizabeth                    Malabar         MH001

28.    Bianca Sarah Cruz                 CSI Ewart School MH017

29.    Ruth Vidyam                          CSI Ewart School  MH027

30.    Sharron Maria R                     CSI Ewart School MH029

31.    Kaaviya Rosy Y                      CSI Ewart School MH037



IPM, the Institute of Pastoral Management for the second batch in phase-II began on 11th September 2018 at CSI Synod Centre with the inaugural service lead by Rt. Rev. Dr. Vadapally Prasada Rao, Deputy Moderator, CSI and Rev. K. James Cecil Victor, Director, Pastoral Concerns. In his inaugural address, Bishop Prasada Rao encouraged the participants to be more vigilant in ministry to build accountability and good governance by having an agenda that is beneficial to the community. The department of Pastoral Concerns felicitated Rev.Dr. Praveen Prabhu Sudheer, the CSI-EMS Liaison Officer. Dr. Praveen shared his greetings and motivated the clergy to be firm in their convictions and to their calling. Dr. Agna Fernandez, the Associate Professor from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai lead the session on 'Leading with Agility-Enhancing Performance with People' where she brought out the key factors of administrative skills and performance management


Youth Dare to Dream at Parkal Mission Youth

Three Youngsters from CSI Kanyakumari Diocese, Mr. Anish, Mr. Veslin abd Mr. Nalla Thambi have began and their DARE to DREAM assignment from 3rd to 30th of September 2018. They will be placed under the supervision of Rev. Shalu T. Mathew the missionary and pastor in-charge of CSI Parkal Mission in CSI Karimnagar Diocese for a period of 25 days. They will be engaged in teaching at the CSI Parkal Mission School and in the evenings will be engaged in the church activities.

Inspired by the example of Missionary Societies, the Diocese of Travancore and Cochin started organized missionary work in and outside the Diocese. The first native missionaries 23 were sent out in 1924, and the field was Parkal Taluq, Hyderabad in the Dornakal Diocese (Now C.S.I. Karimnagar Diocese).

Progress was rather slow at first, but after about a decade the work gathered momentum. The backward Mala and Madiga castes first came under the influence of the Gospel, but later higher castes were also attracted. Today there are 10,000 baptized Christians, 116 Christian Villages, 50 worshipping centres, 19 Churches, 28 mission house, 2 orphanages, 2 child care centers, 4 schools, 2 hostels, 3 hospitals, 2 Ashram. Centres, one technical school and one nursery school.

The Synod Youth Department through this initiative DARES the youth of CSI to DREAM a just and inclusive church in nurturing the ethos of radical discipleship and engagement in building Christ communities.

The Synod youth department is grateful to the Bishop in CSI Karimnagar Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Reuben Mark and the people of the Diocese for their hospitality, care and exposure to be given to these youngsters in shaping their spirituality in a more meaningful way.


A New set of 2018 EYVP Volunteers from EMS arrive at the Church of South India for yet another exciting journey of internship at projects managed by CSI Youth

The EYVP volunteers arrived in India on the 3rd of September 2018 at the CSI synod Secretariat. They landed with great excitement looking forward to a memorable experience at the Church of South India for the period of 1 year.

An orientation program was planned to induct the young volunteers to give them a foretaste of what they would encounter during their time in India. The first phase of the orientation was organised in the headquarters of CSI in Chennai, while the second part of orientation was planned in CSI-Board of Child Care, Bangalore.

Topics like Understanding India and its realities, Church of South India and its mission and various ministries of CSI, were dealt in Chennai for the volunteers to understand the Church as a whole which is hosting them. An exposure visit to the Government Museum, Chennai were the other highlights of their induction in Chennai.

In Bangalore, CSI-BCC organised a systematic orientation on topics like Overview of EMS supported projects,  sensitivity towards Social Concerns through exposure visits, children in India with particular reference to Girl Child, Safety and security, child protection and child protection policy were the themes dealt. The orientation came to an end on the 9th September 2018 and the wardens who were in-charge of hosting these volunteers had come to accompany the volunteers to their respective project places.

The Youth Department of the Church of South India, which co-ordinates this program acknowledges and thanks the EYVP program for sending these volunteers fostering the continuous partnership and committed relationship between CSI and EMS. It also acknowledges with gratitude all the Directors of the Synod and other resource people including the staff of CSI-BCC for organizing this induction program for the volunteers from Germany.

Last but not least, the Youth department of CSI, with assured prayers and accompaniment wishes these volunteers God’s blessings, good health and a memorable experience for the next 12 months in India.