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Telugu Regional Sunday School Teacher’s Workshop Christian Education

CSI Department of Christian Education
Held on 13 - 14th March 2020 at CSI Medak Diocesan Office, Secunderabad
In Collaboration with the Diocese of Medak

The CSI Christian Education Department had organised two days Sunday School Teacher’s workshop for the Telugu region comprising of six dioceses namely Diocese of Dornakal, Karimnagar, Krishna-Godavari, Medak, Nandyal and Rayalaseema. The workshop was organised in collaboration with the Diocese of Medak as host. A total of fifty-seven (57) Sunday school teachers had attended the workshop. Theme of the workshop was “Christian Education for Child Friendly Churches.” The venue of the workshop was at Jubilee Bhavan, CSI Medak Diocesan Office, Secunderabad.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Bishop in Medak as Chief guest of the programme the Rt. Rev. Dr. A. C. Solomon Raj. Presenting the keynote address on the theme ‘Christian Education for Child Friendly Churches’ the Bishop had explained importance of  ‘foundations’ at Sunday school. He poetically compared Sunday school with ‘naarumadi’ (field with sprouting paddy) that later serves to feed the Church in faith and leadership. He welcomed the delegates.

Prof. Dr. B. Vimal Sukumar, Hon. Treasurer, CSI Synod was invited as Guest of Honour. Addressing the gathering he said that the Christian Education Department of the CSI Synod developed resources for the Sunday school which are appropriate and it surely benefits the Telugu region. He extended greetings to all the Telugu Diocesan Bishops for encouraging the Sunday school ministries in their respective Dioceses and sending their delegation to the workshop. He extended good wishes for the workshop.   

On behalf of the Diocese of Medak Rev. K. A. Charles Wesley, Diocesan Ministerial Secretary, Rev. Dr. U. Daniel, Diocesan Treasurer and Mr. Dolakala David, Diocesan Lay Secretary had shared greetings, wishing a meaningful time of learning and sharing. At the inaugural symbolically each one shared a piece of sweet with their neighbour to realise a meaningful experience of sharing all through the workshop. The inaugural session was moderated by Rev. Dr. Praveen P.S. Perumalla, Director in-Charge, Christian education department. Mr. K. Samson, Diocesan Sunday school secretary, had thanked the Bishop and leadership of the Diocese as well as Synod and the participants. The programme was enriched by the music team led by Mr. Ch. Anand and team.

In the two days’ workshop Christian education resource materials namely New Wings of Faith- A Common Sunday School Curriculum; Child Protection Policy of the Church of South India and Green Stories for the Sunday School were introduced. Hard copy of the Child Protection Policy in Telugu was distributed. Copies of Green stories, New Wings of Faith- Resource handbook was distributed. The New Wings of Faith total package for one-year was given in WhatsApp form that includes lessons, worksheets and videos. All the three presentation were made by Rev. Dr. Praveen P.S. Perumalla.  Mr. Samson had presented on teaching methods, using sign language methods. It was highly appreciated by the delegates        

 Some of the responses from the participants as follow: “The intension of this programme on ‘Christian Education for Child Friendly Churches’ is leading to remove child labour and to walk with Christ. This programme inspires us very well. This programme should continue without stop” says V. G. S. Manikyamma, Sunday School Superintendent, Ascension Church, Pastorate VI, Karnool, Diocese of Nandyal.

“This workshop inspired us to break the boundaries of confining Sunday school to the church members and it inspired us to accept the children belonging to the disadvantaged communities beyond any caste or creed into children ministries. For the said purpose organise the church resources to work with the children at large” says Rev. Anil Paul Chakravarthy, Director for Christian Education, Diocese of Nandyal.

“We as Sunday school teachers were conscientized to identify different child vulnerabilities such as child abuse in different forms and child labour, and need to protect the children. We learned the importance of paying special attention to the children with disabilities, help them to draw different abilities within them. The workshop further enlightened us to care for the street children, child labour and safeguard children from substance abuse,” says the participants from the Diocese of Dornakal namely Mr. Ch. Raja Shekar, Mrs. Ch. Suvarna Deepa, Mrs. M. Mamatha, Ms. K. Prathysha, Ms. A. Pravalika, Mr. T. Joshuva, Mr. P. Anurag and Mr. G. Rahul.    

“Importance of profiling each child in the context is very much  touched our lives. Talking to children personally to know the children environment of study, play, religious learning, socialisation will be a learning to the Sunday school teachers. We can understand problems of disabilities to the children at large and their vulnerability in different forms says K. Nayomi Subuddhi from Kadapa, Rayalaseema Diocese.

“To know children of the Sunday School by the Sunday school teachers is most important” inferred in these two days’ workshop. Such a knowledge poses challenges before the Sunday School to walk with the Children suffering from different forms of vulnerabilities, mentally and physically challenged children, school dropouts. Give education on climate change to the children is yet another very important area of working with the children. Problems of HIV/ AIDS positive among the children can also be learned through knowing the children in person. A community approach to work with the children seems to be way forward, says the representatives from the Diocese of Medak namely Ms. M. Dorothy Priyadarshini, Mrs. Sabitha Eguri, Mr. N. Babu Rao, Mrs. Feeba Christina, Mrs. E. Shanthi Michael, Ms. Thabitha Vani, G. Suwan Gonglas and Rev. G. Dinakar.

“This workshop had drawn our attention to identify weak areas in our Sunday school systems such as lack of adequate Sunday school teachers, equipping them with relevant skills and tools, building a relationship of fellowship and friendship between the teachers and Sunday school students and time to time preparing child friendly liturgies, etc.,” says Rev. A. Madhu Mohan, Karimnagar Diocesan Sunday School Secretary.  

“We have learned the importance of creating awareness of self as well as society surrounding the child. Teaching Bible stories to the children needs to be with the involvement of children, enabling children to reflect upon their own surrounding, analyse their context and exposure the paths of problem solving” says the participants from the Diocese of Krishna-Godavari Diocese namely Ms. Manisha, Ms. Reshma, Ms. K. Mallika, Ms. Deepthi, Mr. Teja, Mr. Ebenezer, Mr. Vamsi and Rev. T. Dinesh Cornelious.