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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Micro Insurance and Social protection for Poor. CSI SEVA

In order to implement social protection mechanisms more effectively and efficiently, CSI SEVA has joined hands with Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), as a micro insurance delivery channel, involving the Church of South India. Micro insurance service and policies promoted by CSI SEVA are designed specifically for low-income clients who have no or very little access to mainstream insurance services. Also, these policies provide protection to low-income households against risks in exchange for a regular payment of smallest premiums, but helps in “preventing, reducing and eliminating economic and social vulnerabilities to poverty and deprivation.’ These vulnerabilities are caused by lack of protection against the financial and in-kind consequences of income loss to sickness, disability, maternity, etc.

CSI SEVA, through its micro insurance program, has served over 1296 low –income clients across the Church of South India through its three flagship policies.1) Bhagyalakshmi  (567 clients)and 2) Jeevan Mangal  (724 clients) 3) Micro Bachat (5 clients).This support has provided social and economic security to marginal income earners and economically  disadvantaged section of the society. For instance, among those 1296 clients, four individuals were from Namakkal district villages, S. Vasantha Devi, R. Sundar Rajan and R. Chinnaponnu S. Punithavathi covered under micro insurance policy called Jeevan Mangal and were paying a smallest premium on yearly basis. Due to illness three of them unfortunately lost their lives on different dates and time. CSI –SEVA extended solidarity and provided services to claim death benefits for the nominees of those deceased were adequately supported with the sum assured which is Rs.10,000/- each, whereas, the premium paid was as meager Rs. 1,360/- only.

Similarly, a poor woman, aged 36 years affected with HIV/AIDS from Namakal was also a client of Jeevan mangal policy through CSI-SEVA and because of the disease; she couldn’t survive any longer and died in the year 2017.  The family found it difficult even to do the last rites to the deceased, due to their poverty; CSI-SEVA & LIC’s micro insurance provided timely support.  The family received the policy’s death benefit of Rs 10,000/- to meet all the expenses and initiated a small income generation activity for themselves.

CSI SEVA invites the members of the congregation to make use of this opportunity for those people who earn marginal income, who are marginalized, under privileged. While we engage with gardeners, cooks, maids, drivers, our Church workers etc at our residence or from our community.  These are some of the people who could be greatly benefitted out of the program. One can help these fellow community members by buying them either one of these micro insurance policies (Bhagyalakshmi, Jeevan Mangal and Micro Bachat) or encourage them to enroll it with the help of CSI-SEVA.

Very recently, CSI –SEVA’s micro insurance program won an Award form LIC for obtaining and submitting 63 policies in a single day. The award was presented by Mr. Sathish, Regional Manager, LIC and Mr. Anand, Branch manager LIC to Rev. Dr. Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda General Secretary of CSI, Rev. J. Solomon Paul Director – in – charge of CSI- SEVA, and Mr. Cruz Nesakumar of CSI-SEVA on the 5th of December at the synod Secretariat Chennai.

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact CSI-SEVA – diakoniacsi@gmail .com, Mr. Cruz nesakumar @ +919841354372.