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- Matthew 7:7-8

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Community Development for the sustainable Transformation: A Week Workshop in Myanmar Mission & Evangelism

Chennai : A week  workshop on Community Development towards Sustainable Transformation was organized   by the Anglican Alliance on 1st -5th July 2019 at Panda Hotel, Yangon in Myanmar. Church of South India has participated in the program.

The workshop was really inspiring, thought -provoking, eye-opening and well-informed in terms of Community Development towards Church level as well as wider community level. Through the workshop, two specific models of development have introduced and explained : 

1. ABCD: Asset -Based Community Development ( more in wider community level as inclusive )

2. CCMP: Church and Community Mobilization Process ( more in Church level and then community )

UMOJA Model of Community Development was the basic inspiration for both ABCD and CCMP. There are commonalities as well as  differences between ABCD and CCMP. Yet, both are seem to be similar process towards the community development . 

It is  proud that CSI also doing the same in different levels, but may not be  in a real form of ABCD or CCMP. In our Mission and ministry, we could identify the process and  the essence of ABCD and CCMP. 

Both development models stand for transformation of the given community in an inclusive and sustainable ways through the local resource mobilization .

The workshop was the venue for learning, listening, sharing, inspiring, encouraging and networking each other in the context of community transformation. 

There were five case studies of development models from India, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka  and Myanmar. It was really an opportunity to listen and learn different developmental  stories. 

Emphatically ,  this workshop really motivated, transformed, empowered and enriched the delegates  to engage in the mission and evangelism and also community development activities  more actively in systematic ways for the sustainable transformation. It enabled the participants  to translate these models contextually and fruitfully in the days to come. Moreover,  this workshop  will enable all the delegates  to bring more ENVISIONING AND AWAKENING to their respective  Church- contexts.

There were thirty five delegates who have attended in the workshop from various countries such as India, Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Australia, and England. 

It is needed to thank  the Anglican Alliance, especially, Mrs. Rachael, Mrs.Annamaney, Mrs. Elizabeth, Mrs. Heidy and Mr.Dinu for their wonderful hospitality, coordination and the systematic as well as prompt way of organising each sessions. 

In short, the workshop for a week was the week of education, learning, motivation and empowerment in terms of sustainable community transformation. 

Reported by
Rev.Maxcin John
Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod