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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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“Passion for the Mission is overwhelming in Wayanad: One Day Mission Camp in Sulthan Bathery Mission & Evangelism

Department of Mission and Evangelism, CSI Synod along with the Board for Mission and Evangelism in Malabar Diocese organized a one -day Mission Camp on 11th July 2019 at St. Thomas CSI Church Sulthan Bathery. The Rt. Rev. Dr Royce Manoj Kumar Victor, Bishop in Malabar Diocese has inaugurated the camp which was based on the theme” Enhancing Capacities of Congregations to Become Missional Congregations”.

“It is the need of the hour to transform each congregation to become missional congregations”, said Bishop Royce Manoj Kumar Victor during the inaugural speech. He further stated that the light which we have received must share and radiate to others so that they may able to receive and radiate the same to others. The mission is the mission of God and we all are partakers of God’s Mission. Moreover, Mission is the movement led by God. Therefore, it is concerned with everybody without any discriminations and divisions. It is our accountability and responsibility to witness the gospel of Christ through our daily life, Bishop added.

“Mission should start from within us and then, it should flow constantly to others through our vital activities”, Bishop Royce Manoj Victor emphatically pointed out. Furthermore, the mission is the venue to share the love of God.  The Congregations are blessed with many talents according to the capacities of everyone (Matthew 25: 14ff). Therefore, members are supposed to complement each other while they are participating in the mission of God. Missionaries are the superstars of the kingdom of God. We should work our level best with whatever we have by the power of the Holy Spirit to move ahead in mission and Evangelism, Bishop added.

“Ask, Listen and Obey God”, said Mr Benjamin Christostem (USA) during the keynote address to the camp based on” Inclusive and Transformational Missional Engagements”. Everybody should be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and ardently participated in the mission of God through day by day life. We must breakthrough even in the midst of all trials and tribulations because the empowering presence of God is always with us. Our missional engagements must be inclusively aimed for holistic transformation, he added.

There was a group discussion and activity regarding the “Missional Engagements and Action Plans in the Context of Malabar Diocese, especially Wayanad Area.  All delegates actively participated in the group learning and shared their thoughts and dreams towards the missional engagements in Wayanad living context. The delegates proposed some of the specific actions plans such as the promotion of Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, Fellowship Meetings, House Visits, sharing of educational and medical aids, de-addiction programs, agricultural movements, prevention engagements towards suicide attempts etc.

Rev. Johnson C. J. (District President) and Mr Philip Abraham have conveyed their greetings to the camp. Rev. V. L. Michael, Rev. P. V. Cherian, Rev. Sherry George, Rev. Ebin K. P., Rev. Shabu Thomas, Rev. Robin Lorence, Rev. Anil Jaison David, Mr. Billy Graham, Mr. Nevin, Mr. Stanley (Nilambur), and Mr. Chrisostam have attended the camp along with other missionaries, evangelists, church workers and the members of various congregations. There were three hundred delegates who have attended the camp enthusiastically.

Rev. Shobhan Kumar Daniel (Mission Director in Malabar Diocese) organized the camp creatively along with Rev. V. L. Michael (Vicar in Sulthan Bathery) and Mr Billy Graham. He explained about the missional engagement of Malabar Diocese and urged the delegates to be filled with the passion for mission and be partakers in mission in the days to come. Rev. Maxcin John shared an opening remark regarding the purpose of the camp. He told this camp is aimed to enhance the various capacities of the members of the congregations to become missional congregations more actively and fruitfully.

Wayanad Mission Camp was the venue for fellowship, learning and listening together. Through this program, all delegates were challenged and inspired to engage in the mission of God by sharing the God-given talents in constructive and sustainable ways. It was an eye-opener and enabler to boost the participants to plan for feasible and viable action plans for the well-being of all the people those who are living in the given context.

Synod Mission Department is grateful to the Diocese of Malabar, especially, Bishop Royce Manoj Victor, Rev. Shobhan Kumar Daniel, all Diocesan Office Bearers, Rev. V. L. Michael, Mr Billy Graham, Sulthan Bathery Church Committee, members of the Congregation, Choir and all others those who are tirelessly worked behind the blessing of this one- day Mission Camp.

Reported by

Rev. Maxcin John
Department of Mission and Evangelism,
CSI Synod.