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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Workshop on ‘World Day of Prayer’ 2019 Madurai Ramnad

A workshop on ‘World Day of Prayer’ was conducted in a grand manner on 02.03.19 at the chapel of OCPM Girls’ Higher Secondary School, which is our Diocesan School and also one of the reputed schools in Madurai. All the arrangements for the workshop had been properly and perfectly made by the Bishop Amma and the Officers of the Women’s Fellowship of Our Diocese. The Head Mistress, the staff and the Students of the school put forth great efforts for the success of the workshop.

About 200 women, including the Pastors’ wives, the secretaries of the various women fellowships of our Diocese, the teachers from the various schools of our Diocese and the Bible Women participated in the workshop and were immensely benefitted out of it.

The Opening prayer was made by Rev. A. David Jebaraj, the Clergy Secretary of our Diocese. This year, the Order of Service for the World Day of Prayer has been prepared by the Women of the country named Slovenia. Hence, when a piece of melodious background music was played, some students, followed by the Bishop Amma and the officers of the Women’s Fellowship of Our Diocese brought the food items of the people of Slovenia in bowls and trays in a procession. The food items like Barley, Wheat, Wheat Bread, Salad of Cucumber, Carrot and Tomato, Honey, Tea, Potato etc were displayed on a table with the scene setting of a house of Slovenia at the back.

The Head Mistress of the School Mrs. N. Mary, gave a PowerPoint Presentation, explaining in detail, the history of Slovenia, its geographical condition, its climatic condition and about their food, their education and the Churches. We were able to know about the status of women and their problems also which enabled us to pray earnestly for them. We all felt as if we had visited the country in person. Such an attractive presentation was it!

We enjoyed hearing the National Anthem of Slovenia. The students of the school presented a colourful dance performance depicting their tradition and it was a feast to our eyes. During the interval, the staple food of the Slovenians i.e., Loaves of Bread with honey and the delicious Mutton soup, were supplied to the participants.

Our Bishop gave a very brief introduction about the World Day of Prayer and the necessity of praying for the people of Slovenia as well as the people of our country.

The prayers found in the order of service were read by the Women’s work superintendents of the various councils of our Diocese and the teachers of our Diocesan school and the response was read by all the other participants. All the prayers were offered with burdened hearts.

Then, the Bishop Amma gave a message from the scripture portion of Luke 14: 15-24. She talked about the Feast, the preparation for the Feast and its blessings. She also talked about the various feasts found in the Bible. She pointed out four kinds of invitations for the feast and exhorted the participants to accept the invitation without giving lame excuses.

Then, the offering was taken. The workshop ended with the prayer and Benediction by Rev. Mrs. Mary David. Everybody left the place with the utmost satisfaction and the determination to observe the World Day of Prayer in the respective Churches and the schools in the way in which they had witnessed in the workshop.