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"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened."
- Matthew 7:7-8

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Annunciation Day Celebration 2018 Madurai Ramnad

‘The Annunciation Day’ was joyfully and enthusiastically celebrated by the womenfolk of the Madurai Ramnad Diocese on 24.3.18 (Saturday) at CSI Cathedral, Madurai. All the arrangements had been properly and perfectly made by the Bishop Ayyah, Bishop Amma and the Officers of the Diocese. About 6000 women attended that special meeting which was conducted from 9 AM to 4.30PM on that day. It was a feast to our eyes to see the women in their respective uniform sarees.

The Celebration started with the communion service conducted by the Bishop Ayyah, the Officers of the Diocese, the Cathedral Pastors and the Ordained Lady Pastors of Our Diocese. The Message of the Communion Service was delivered by the Bishop Ayyah. The text of the Message is Proverbs 31: 10. A virtuous woman is like the merchants’ ships. She is an expert in purchasing things and investing money in a profitable way. She is skilful in many kinds of trades and she works willingly with her hand. She understands the needs of others and she satisfies the needs of each and every member of the family. He concluded by saying that all the women should lead a life like that of this virtuous woman.

After the communion service was over, the Treasurer of the Women’s fellowship of our Diocese, Miss.Udayakumari welcomed the gathering. The Bishop Ayyah, the Officers of the Diocese, the Special Speaker, the organist and the choir in charge were honoured. Sewing machines were distributed freely to 3 poor women of the Diocese by the Bishop Ayyah.

The city pastors’ wives and the willing Pastors’wives of other pastorates, formed the Choir under the Leadership of Mrs.Lily Jeyachandran who is also a pastors’ wife. Melodious and meaningful songs were sung by the choir. The theme song of this year was composed by our Bishop Amma and tuned by our Choir in charge

Our Bishop Amma introduced the special speaker Mrs.Shoba Alexander to the audience. She gave an introductory address about the Annunciation Day pointing out the virtues of Mary like love, patience, humility etc.

Then we listened to the inspiring, encouraging and challenging message of the special speaker. The text of the message was Luke 1: 30,31. Mary who was only a teen ager accepted the will of God, not dreading about the consequences. She explained ‘the Magnificat’(song of Mary ) also.

The intercession prayer was led by Mrs.Regina Jacob, the Women’s work Superintendent of the East Local Council.

In the afternoon session, some women shared their testimonies how God was good enough to answer their prayers of Annunciation Day of the Last year. Those testimonies kindled the faith of those who heard them.

As the introductory talk of the afternoon session, Our Bishop Amma asked 5 questions to the audience and explained the anwers teaching five important truths.

1. Which is the sharpest  weapon in the world?

It is the tongue. We should keep it under our Control.

2. Which is the most distant thing?

It is the past to which we cannot go again so we should make use of our time carefully.

3. Which is the biggest one?

It is greediness and we should be beware about it.

4. Which is very, very, nearer to us?

It is Death and we should be ready to face it, earning many souls

5. Which is very simple?

It is Sharing God’s message to others, which we should not fail to do.

Then the Special Speaker who is a Bhramin convert shared her witness how she knew about Jesus and accepted Him as her Saviour. It was all possible only because of a life of witness of one of her colleagues, who was also a convert.  It was really a Chanllenging witness. All the women understood how we can bring others to Christ though our lives

Then Mrs.Jamila Soundrapandian the Secretary of the Women’s fellowship of Our Diocese led the ‘Roll Call’ session. As she had read the names of the pastorates, the women of  the respective pastorates stood up lifting up the placards with the names of the pastorates and singing songs. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs.Ruby Edwin. The Celebration ended with the closing prayer by Rev.Kirubai Kumari Aruldoss.

By the abundant grace of  God, we were able to celebrate this year’s Annunciation Day joyfully and meaningfully renewing our fellowship. All praise & glory be to God the Saviour!